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The Model ToxC Controller is designed to monitor Tox-ANA series and Tox45-xx series sensors for Combustibles, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen Depletion, etc. or a combination of these sensors. The controller is a multiple stage system for annunciation of alarms and control of remote equipment such as ventilation fans. The first stage of warning lights an indicator and energizes relay contacts for control (i.e. Ventilation fan). The second stage of alarm lights an alarm indicator and sounds an audible alarm. Optional LCD display provides a visual readout of gas concentrations for toxics in PPM (parts per million) or percent LEL (lower explosive level) of combustibles.

Other options available are sensor malfunction indication, purge and override modes of operation, additional stages of operation, time scheduled operation of ventilation equipment, analog outputs, history trend logging, alarm printers, networking of multiple controllers and sensors, computer interfacing and phone modem capabilities for remote system monitoring.

Custom control and alarming applications may be accomplished with the Model ToxControl.