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Note to Design Engineer:
The ToxControl controller is designed to monitor analog input signals from remote sensors, indicate system alarm status and to control ventilation fans. The front panel display is normally custom designed for each project. Usually 2 color LED's (green & red) are used to indicate "Warning" (fan ON) and "Alarm" level for each sensor.

Optional digital displays may be supplied on the face of the panel. One digital display for each type of gas being sensed is often supplied and the display automatically displays the highest value being sensed. Manual PB switches can be applied to switch in the sensor reading desired.

A "loss of sensor signal" alarm should be required to indicate sensor failure.

Guide Specification:

Provide a ToxControl controller to monitor the [type of sensor] sensors and shall start the exhaust fan(s) per the table on the drawings. When a sensor indicates a gas concentration of [xx PPM] or [30% LEL (low explosive level)] or higher the associated exhaust fan(s) shall start and an LED on the face of the controller shall indicate "Warning level" (exhaust fan on) operation. If the gas concentration reaches [yy PPM] [50% LEL] or higher a red alarm LED on the face of the controller shall light and the audible alarm shall sound and an alarm set of contacts shall close. The audible alarm shall be a minimum of 68dB and have a momentary push button silence switch.

Provide one each labeled, two color LED (light emitting diode) or two different colored lights for each sensor input. The LED or lights shall light green to indicate "Warning level" and light red for "Alarm level."

Provide "Sensor failure" indication for each sensor. The sensor shall be designed such that the controller can detect when a sensor has failed. Provide a light or LED on the face of the controller panel for each sensor input to indicate sensor failure. The detection of a failed sensor shall sound the audible alarm.

The gas monitor and control system shall utilize non-volatile memory and/or shall maintain all programs for a minimum of 72 hours during power loss. The gas detection and control system shall be as manufactured by Toxalert International, Inc.

Note to Engineer:
The ToxControl controller can output an analog signal proportional to sensor input signal(s) which could be used to drive variable speed fan drives or output to facility EMS. Specify variable signal output if variable speed is required.

ToxControl Options:

  1. The system may be programmed to automatically operate exhaust equipment on a day(s) of week and time of day basis.

  2. A printer may be added to the system to print out sensor input values and status printouts along with time and date.

  3. Phone modem capabilities may be included for remote system monitoring and control.

  4. Digital LCD Display with push button for each sensor to momentarily display sensor output Value on digital display.
  1. The gas detection and alarm system shall automatically operate the exhausting Equipment on the following day and time basis.

    [Provide day and time table for equipment to operate]

  2. Provide wide carriage dot matrix printer to print out system operations data along with date and time. The system shall identify sensor & sensor output value when "Warning" and "Alarm" levels are sensed. Return to normal conditions shall also be recorded.

  3. Provide a telephone modem with the system for remote system monitoring.

  4. Provide a .75 inch high digital value display mounted on the front of the controller for each type of gas. The system shall automatically display the value of the sensor with the highest output. The values shall be displayed in [parts per million PPM] or [LEL%]. Provide a labeled momentary push button switch on the face of the panel for each sensor input. When a push button is depressed the value for that sensor shall be displayed on the digital readout. When the push button is released the sensor with the highest value input shall be displayed.

If special functions are required please call Craig Wolfe of Toxalert International, Inc. [Phone (952) 472-4541] for special consultation. We will gladly assist in writing your special system specifications.

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