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Toxalert Air Quality International
Provide a Model AIR 2000 Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Indoor Air Quality sensor(s) as specified herein that (is) (are) aesthetically designed and suitable for installation in an office environment. The CO2 sensor shall be non-dispersive infrared sensing type and shall be microprocessor based with linear outputs as specified. The range of the sensor shall be 0 to 2000 PPM CO2, units with 0 to 3000 PPM range or higher are not acceptable.

The unit shall be designed for mounting on a single gang electrical box with all wiring entering the unit from the back of the unit. Unit wiring shall not be exposed. The unit shall also be designed for surface mounting on a flat surface (drywall) with two fasteners. Wiring shall enter unit from the back so that wiring is not exposed.

The CO2 sensor/transducer shall be powered by low voltage and have both a linear 0 to 10 volt and a 4 to 20 mA (milliamp) field selectable, output over its 9 to 2000 PPM range.

The units infrared source shall be derated and operated at a level to attain a fifteen (15) year source life. The CO2 sensor/transducer shall be designed so that only span gas is required to check unit calibration. It shall be designed to automatically zero, so that zeroing gas is not required.

Sensor/transducer accuracy shall be �5% of reading or �75 PPM CO2; repeatability shall be �20 PPM or less; maximum annual drift �75 PPM CO2.

The following are options available on Toxalert's CO2 sensors. Add paragraphs to above as required.

Option: Digital Value Display:

Provide a four (4) digit light emitting diode (LED) readout on the sensor/transducer to display the CO2 concentration being sensed. The readout shall continuously display the present value of Carbon Dioxide sensed.

Option: High Limit Relay Output:

Provide a field adjustable relay output on the Carbon Dioxide sensor/transducer. The actuation point of the relay shall be field adjustable from 700 to 1300 PPM of CO2. The relay contacts shall have a minimum rating of 2 amps at 24 VAC, non inductive.

Option: Duct Mounting of CO2 Sensor:

Provide a duct mounting kit for all sensors to be installed on air duct applications. Provide both high side and low side duct pickups to insure proper duct air sampling. A filter shall be supplied in the high side line. Complete hardware and installations shall be provided to insure proper sensor/transducer installation.

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