Toxalert Air Quality International


Toxalert Air Quality International
Provide a Toxalert model Tox-Refrig/ANA refrigerant leak detection sensor to monitor for refrigerant leaks. The sensing element shall be a solid state metal oxide semiconductor for long life and stability. The sensor shall be powered by 24 vdc. Sensor range shall be (*) and have a 4 to 20 mA output signal. When the sensor detects a malfunction it shall drive its output to zero to signal the controller of a sensor failure. The sensor shall also have an LED to indicate sensor fault condition.

The sensor shall be housed in an explosion proof housing and have two meter terminal connections on the face of the unit for ease of checking unit calibration.

The refrigerant leak detection system shall be as manufactured by Toxalert International, Inc. or approved by this specifying engineer.

(*) Note -- the range for R-123 is 0 to 50 PPM. The range for all other major refrigerants is 0 to 300 PPM.

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