Toxalert Air Quality International


Toxalert Air Quality International
Provide a Model Tox-Comb/ANA combustible sensor to detect (specific gas to be detected such as Propane, Natural Gas, Methane)* leaks and send a 4 to 20 mA signal to the controller. The sensor range shall be 0 to 100% LEL (low explosive level) and have a catalytically aided platinum type sensing element for stability and long life. The sensor shall be housed in an explosion proof housing and have explosion proof conduit connections to the housing to maintain system integrity. The element life shall be three (3) years in normal use. The sensor shall be powered by low voltage.

When a fault occurs in the sensor module the output current shall go to zero (0) mA to indicate sensor failure. The sensor shall also have an LED to indicate sensor fault condition. The sensor shall be as manufactured by Toxalert International, Inc.

*There are nearly 70 combustible gases Toxalert's combustible sensors will respond to. Specify the specific gas that is to be sensed.

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