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Toxalert Air Quality International
Install carbon monoxide (CO) sensor where indicated on the drawings and as specified herein. The CO sensors shall have a linear analog output signal proportional to the CO gas levels detected, and shall have normal operation over the environmental range of -20� F. to 122� F. and 0 to 95% R.H. non-condensing. The sensors shall have a maximum range of 0 to 400 PPM (parts per million) and an accuracy of �3% of range. The CO sensors shall be microprocessor based and shall periodically recalibrate itself. The sensor cabinet shall be a NEMA 1 and be key locked to prevent tampering. The sensor shall have indicating lamp(s) to indicate; POWER ON, sensor operating normally, and sensor failure. The CO sensor shall be designed to indicate "sensor failure" to its controller(s) when the sensor is malfunctioning. The sensor output signal resolution shall be minimum of 12 bits so that controller can sense .1 PPM signal change. *If using option, insert here.

The CO sensor(s) shall be powered by low voltage so they can be wired using class 2 wiring. The CO sensors shall be designed to work with DC Controllers, PLC�s (programmable logic controllers), automation system, Toxalert�s analog input controllers, etc. Sensor shall be as manufactured by Toxalert International, Inc. or approved equal by this engineering firm.


Provide three (3) digit liquid crystal display with a minimum character height of .5 inches. The display shall be mounted on the front of each sensor and shall display in parts per million (PPM) of CO.

[NOTE TO ENGINEER: The following is a suggested specification paragraph as to how the controller should operate when it sees different levels of CO].


When the CO controller sees a carbon monoxide (CO) level of 50 parts per million (PPM) from any sensor it should start the exhaust fans(s). (If sensors are zoned & should operate different exhaust fans, state same in a table or in text). If the CO level continues to rise and reaches [75] or [100] PPM the system shall sound an audible alarm. (might want to start additional exhaust fans at second level).

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