Gas Detection Systems

Parking environments, Industrial applications, Manufacturing, Medical

What We Do

Design, build, and deliver hazardous gas detection systems.

TOXALERT is an industry-leading manufacturer of gas detection systems. Our sensors and controllers are designed to monitor the levels of toxic, combustible, oxygen depleting, refrigerant and other types of gases. They are used in many  applications including refrigerant mechanical rooms, indoor air quality, enclosed parking garages, warehouses, mining, refineries, pharmaceuticals, and many other facilities where hazardous gases are present (see Product Listing section for a further list of sensors and applications).

Custom Systems

Custom control system configurations to meet every need.

Standard Systems

Standard systems with short lead times to get buildings operational quickly.


Service providers in most of the United States.

A few of the places gas detection and mitigation is used.

TOXALERT systems range in size from a single point installation to multi-point installations consisting of hundreds of sensors communicating with a centralized controller for alarming, trend logging, controlling ventilation equipment, printing, etc. Systems can be stand-alone, networked, and/or BACnet compatible. We are also geared to custom design and manufacture systems per your individual specifications.

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